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I first spotted House of Neon just a month ago on instagram when I stumbled across the “No Smoking Unless You’re on Fire” print. Upon a perusal through their feed, I knew we would be kindred spirits; we even both owned a “Cole and Son Prism”  upcycled Sideboard; that’s got to be a niche club!

No Smoking
The Print that started the obsession!

Founded in 2017 and run by Kent based Maria Clay, House of Neon is “brave, bold and in your face” says Maria “We love a naughty quote here and there with the odd swear word chucked in for good measure!” I was totally drawn to the bright pops of colour in her pieces and the vibrant clash of colour alongside the sarcasm and wit of her prints. I would trawl through their feed regularly and lusted after one of her “neon signs” – so unique in that they’re actually not neon at all; they are in fact prints making them not only very affordable to purchase, but free to run!

Maria creates beautiful bespoke neons and I seriously coveted these the minute I saw them; I hadn’t seen anything else like it. In discussing why she started her company she says, “I’ve always been a lover of neon and funky decor, even though you’ll mostly see me in black!   I do love a neon tube light and I wanted to work on a customised print brand that would make it possible to have your name or quote in lights without the expense of a neon lamp” and what a fantastic job she’s done of this too. House of Neon prints range from £15 to £45 and that includes frames and postage; a total steal! The range doesn’t stop at prints as House of Neon also design cushions, make up bags and sell an awesome holographic cutlery set.

Personalised Name Prints_2
One of many examples of personalised Name prints from House of Neon which would make an incredible and unique wedding gift. (You’ll notice this one is perfectly displayed on Marias up-cycled sideboard which has a very familiar look!)

So after some deliberation I took the plunge with my first purchase from House of Neon in March. As Mr PHD and I live together happily unmarried there wasn’t a “family” name I could use, so decided to go full selfish and egocentric by getting a Project Home Design sign! From start to end Maria offers a very personalised, thoughtful service. I ordered my print through instagram DM and within hours Maria sent through 2 mock up designs for me to pick from. After an easy peasy pay pal transfer my Neon was here, framed and fabulous! The quality of this product is outstanding; a clear high definition print, vibrant colours and a sturdy frame. They work well whether hung on the wall, leaning on a picture rail or, like ours, freestanding.

Project Home Design Sign
The Project Home Design Neon, sitting very proudly (and smugly) on The Sideboard in the living room, which coincidentally both Maria and I have versions of

My collection couldn’t stop there… as well as the personalised name prints, Maria also has a fantastic collection of witty and unusual quotes; as a girl of the 90s many of her song lyrics and TV references caught my attention, non more so than the Friends quote from The One Where They All Find Out; “they don’t know we know they know we know.” Maria was exceptionally kind to send this one out to me after my fan girl explosion on instagram! This print now proudly sits in my en-suite; the perfect accompaniment to a Netflix Friends binge in the tub!

The Friends Neon in my en-suite; one of my favourite pieces in the room

I was keen to understand where Maria gets her inspiration from; “I think what makes our products unique is our style of font and the quotes we use. Our customers are brilliant and most of the time they bring some of our best selling quotes to the table through their individual requests. We have all sorts of requests, trust me some I cant repeat!”  Its not surprising to hear that some of House of Neons most popular quotes are “Don’t be a Dick,” “I wanna give you devotion” and “Home Sweet Fu#king Home.” As for Marias favourite, as with all Artists its a challenge to pick! “I love all the prints we do and even 8months down the line I still get really excited when I go to the printers and pick up the new prints. Every week there is a new quote or a new layout or a new colour so its always fresh and we’re constantly working with new designs. Its funny as my mum always says “Oh Maria why do you have to do them rude quotes and swear words, I cant show my friends your website with those quotes on there!” I have to remind her they’re the best sellers!”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Being the interior snoop that I am, I was also keen to visualise what the actual house of the House of Neon is like. “Its a mess!” says Maria “Its like a packing factory, my poor husband can barely find a place on the sofa some nights! When its tidy…. Its full of colour and some great bits we’ve picked up on our travels.” Sounds like an artistic house to me! Maria went on to tell me about her most characterful piece; a 6ft giraffe she purchased in France “when I got to the Eurostar they made me buy a seat for it! I swear to you, I had to pay for the giraffe to have a seat! When we boarded another passenger was sitting in the giraffes seat…… I couldn’t keep a straight face when I had to ask him to move!

House of Neon Selection

I’ve so enjoyed getting to know Maria through Instagram; she is not only a fabulous artists but a wonderful charismatic and funny woman and I happily consider myself one of her number 1 fans! I’m not alone in my love for her product, other customers include Mother Pukka, Rachel Bradshaw, Natasha HamiltonThe Pink House and Nichola Broughton to name but a few. It’s easy to see why House of Neon has amassed such loyal fans; a uniquely designed, high quality and affordable product will always win. Another string to the House of Neon bow, is their feature in Decembers issue of Cosmopolitan; a fantastic accolade for such a new business! As the business expands, House of Neon is pulling in a global customer from the US to Australia. The House of Neon may be small right now, but Marias fearless design approach packs a punch and she is certainly one to watch!

To order your own House of Neon print whether for yourself or as a unique gift, head in over to their Instagram page and get in contact with Maria who will happily help to make your neon dreams come true!


Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by House of Neon and there are no affiliate links. I paid for my initial print from House of Neon and was kindly gifted the second “Friends” print. This was not gifted to me on the proviso of publishing any content. This post and any promotion of House of Neon is a genuine support of a great quality Brand and product


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