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When Erin, founder of Artistic Atmosphere, contacted me about her business venture and new product launch I was intrigued. I got chatting to the lovely Erin through instagram and was really captured by her wonderfully warm spirit and the fantastic reason behind the launch of her business. Erin describes her self as a WMBOM; work-my-butt-off-mom! I am a firm believer that strong, creative women carving their own path in business should be supported so I was thrilled to get to know more about Erin, her family and, of course, her fantastic product and family run business.

Letter Board

Artistic Atmosphere is a company focused on sparking creativity and inspiration that came about because, as a working mum, Erin felt she was losing sight of her creative hobbies.  “I know a lot of moms out there who are so focused on their families that they feel that they don’t have time to be creative” Erin says, “I still try to surround myself with my hobbies, and I use other ways of sparking my creativity; one of which has been creating Artistic Atmosphere. I started my own little business through a desire to share my creative spirit with others, to share inspiration and to build something that will show my son that his imagination and what he can accomplish has no limits.”

As a soon to be mummy myself,  I really wanted to do what I could to support a fellow Mum trying to balance work, running your own creative venture, and looking after a young family so I was more than happy to review one of Artistic Atmospheres Felt Boards for Erin.


I chose the Classic Board so that it would have ultimate flexibility whether I’m using it to promote a new blog post, make an announcement (not that these are overly regular) or just to have witty banter across the house… or perhaps even a creative way to leave messages to Mr PHD around the house; I was seeing a board with the message “Please vacuum the stairs!” or maybe a “Today is Bin Day”

When the product arrived I was really impressed; it was beautifully wrapped with a thank you card and a notelet with advice on how to use your board. The board quality itself is outstanding; a beautifully handcrafted piece. I’m not surprised to hear that Erin is a perfectionist; that is certainly reflected in her product “we are very focused on quality,” she says, “we are the only company out there that inspects every board personally before sending it to Amazon”

wood burned designs
Examples of the wood burned designs that are all individually handmade


The other options for products include wood burned designs that are individually handmade, numbered, include a certificate of authenticity and are signed by the artist, who is Erin’s husband Jesse. Artistic Atmosphere also create custom orders if you have something unique and personalised in mind; fantastic for a gift.

Product Making in Progress
Erin’s husband Jesse making a wood burned design


The board come with some really great accessories that area great addition to the standard board and letter set. Firstly, you get two sheets of letters and characters. I originally painstakingly twisted these from the sheet, which took me ages and wore my digits down to the bone. Having consulted the really useful online tips (read here) I found cutting these off much easier (and probably obvious to most people, but sadly not obvious to an 8 month pregnant woman!) I must say that you should jump straight to using pliers to get your letters sorted… the ones that I twisted off have little nobby bits left on them which I will now need to go back and snip; don’t make the same mistake I did!

The product also comes with an easel and a cute bag to keep all your letters in; touches that you wouldn’t necessarily get from other companies, but they are pretty essential! The easel is easily adjusted to suit all set up and the board also has a saw tooth hanger attached; so there are loads of options for how you can display your boards.


Speaking of the online tips, the website for Artistic Atmosphere it very easy to navigate and beautifully designed; in fact I feel quite inspired to give my website a good overhaul having seen what Erin has done! The website includes some inspo on how you can use your board; the possibilities are endless. There are countless creative ways to use this product; I am only just scratching the surface but having so much fun playing around with it. This really is a fantastic product and if you’re thinking of getting a felt board I really do recommend this one and supporting Erin in her small business; the personalised service and excellent quality are worth every penny. I wish Erin and her family every success in growing their business


You can visit the Artistic Atmosphere website here and you can follow them on instagram @artisticatmos. The Classic Board which I have can be purchased through Amazon, but for the full range of product head to the Artistic Atmosphere website


Please Note that while I was very kindly gifted this product, I am under no obligation to write a positive review, have received no payment and receive no commission from any sales as a result of the review. My thoughts on the product are genuine and I only select Brands to work with that I feel passionately about.




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