HOW TO: Re-Style a Room

I often get asked about how I put together items and style in a room. A lot of people are under the impression that I start out with a vision; I wish I could organise my creative, cluttered brain and have such foresight! Having lived in rental properties for years, I became very accustomed to how you evolve a space without redecorating; using soft furnishings, artwork and ornaments in different spaces to affect the mood of the room and have a regular “shake up” of your styling without too much expense. I still do this today; none of our rooms are static in their design; I like to change the format of my gallery walls, move and swap rugs into different rooms, endlessly rearrange cushions to new spaces, switch up lampshades to different rooms. This can all be done by anyone for free at any time; less of a restyle, more of a Free-Style!


Free Style Definition

Lets take a look at an example of this with our master bedroom. Version one below has quite a moody, strong, almost masculine feel to the room with a powerful grey influence and the Black and White Artwork. The monochrome combines with the teal makes the teal look very deep and dramatic.


When “Free-Styling” this room I can change the following to give it a completely different feel;

  • Artwork on the Picture Rail
  • Cushions and Throws
  • Bedding
  • The Rug

With these alterations and introducing mustard and orange tones to the pallette we get a completely different feel in the room. Now there is more of a palm jungle vibe with a travel influence which lifts the feel slightly. This could be taken further again by swapping out the lamps from another room and switching the curtains.  What’s more is that this Free Style took just an hour; both cost and time effective!



When I fancy investing in some new pieces for the home (which is all the time, so lets maybe rephrase to when I have the spare cash and Mr PHD in the right mood!?) I really enjoy shopping for the home at stores with a lot of options in one place; when out and about shops like Homesense are great for this.

However, like many of us in our busy lifestyles today, I’m also a huge fan of window shopping online and can spend hours in the evening trawling through websites looking for new inspiration; its window shopping for the digital age, or Scroll Shopping if you will. When I stumbled across Cult Furniture, I found a website that offers exactly what I am looking for when “scroll shopping”; vast choice and high quality at a good price.

Scroll Shop Definition

Cult Furniture was founded in 2010. The Cult Furniture team found they struggled to find great designer furniture at an affordable price point and therefore saw a great gap in the market. They set it out with the mission to make affordable designer furniture available for everyone and boy are they delivering.


The Cult Furniture website is beautifully designed and easy to navigate. Its great to browse around but also super easy to use if you’re after something specific thanks to the filters on the left hand navigation panel. I was stunned by the choice on the website. I initially thought that there would only be larger furniture items, but Cult Furniture offers a plethora of soft furnishings and decorative touches as well; great for a “one stop shop” when your thinking about investing  in new pieces to evolve a room.


Mood boards are an interesting concept to me; I think I take a left hand right pocket approach to how I use them… I have never completed a mood board prior to decorating a room. Ever. As I said, creating a “finished vision” for a room is not my forte.  When it comes to evolving a space however, I LOVE a mood board and I find this a really effective way to visualise new pieces in your home.


I just do mine on PowerPoint (which is a very low tech approach) but I’m sure there are all kinds of fancy pants apps and programs out there for anyone that’s less analogue than me! The goal of your mood board for a Re-Style is to capture the colours and lighting that exist within your space so that you can see how different additions would work within it; especially understanding how they look around the “non-change-ables” that would demand a redecoration project, like wall colour. I tend to load up the board with 4-6 images of the room from different angles so that I can reference these as I fill the remaining space with items that could compliment.


I recommend doing  mood boards for more than one room when your thinking of investing in a few new pieces so you can picture new layouts, colours and textures within a few different areas of your home; this will then enable a “Free-style” later on. As a general rule now, I don’t buy anything for a specific room anymore, with the obvious exception of massive furniture like sofas and beds. I prefer to pick items based on their flexibility within different rooms and the mood board is the ideal way to see this. So avoid getting items for very specific areas of your home; you might find you prefer it somewhere else other than where you initially envisaged it further down the line or even when you get it home – this happens to me a lot! Taking this approach will also avoid accidentally creating a “matchy matchy” look and buying things just because they “go” in a room, which will never have any longevity.




One of the Cult Furniture items I decided on was a copper floor lamp. Originally I planned it on a mood board for the hallway/landing; it actually styled beautifully in the Lounge, but also the office. It will of course also look great on the landing where we have a small seating area, but I’m too pregnant to get it up there at the moment; my unborn child and I can vouch for the fact that Cult Furniture products are well made and solid!

Lamp in Lounge
In the lounge the lamp blends amongst the gallery wall and the colour compliments the frames
Lamp in Office
In the office the lamp is a contrast to the dark walls and comes to the foreground more giving the room a contemporary, modern look

The leatherette armchair that I chose has been a hugely flexible item. Again gorgeously made and easy to assemble. There were several choices on colour and while I had originally loved the grey option, I decided to go for the walnut so that it would be a stand out piece in more rooms. Below you will see the different look it gives in the dining room, kitchen and hallway

Armchair in Dining Room
A Retro Gentleman’s Club vibe is created in styling the chair next to the bar in the dining room
Chair in Hallway
In the hallway the armchair teamed with the Liberty cushion and sheepie rug has a more homely vibe
Chair in Kitchen
Amongst the mid century pieces in the Kitchen / Family Room, the chair takes on a more 1970s retro vibe

Prints and Artwork are one of the easiest accessories to mix up and move around. I’m a huge fan of the picture rails from Ikea to make this super easy; no hammer necessary! There were two prints from Cult Furniture that I particularly liked; a black and white chevron print and a “Good Vibes Only” print.  These were seriously easy to style in different rooms due to being monochrome; take a look at them in the master bedroom, snug and dining room working with different décor.

Prints in Bedroom
The Prints in the Master Bedroom work really well with the contemporary, monochrome set up
Prints in the Snug
There is a mustard, grey/blue and brown colour scheme in the Snug; as the prints are monochrome they work just as well in here
Prints in Office
The “Good Vibes Only” seems the perfect mantra for the office! The print pops next to the dark background



Interiors are changing in trends more frequently than ever and therefore the home wears world is a rapidly changing marketplace; At Cult Furniture for example, the team aim to provide customers with many new designs every week so that they are always on trend and always on the lowest price point possible. In talking to the lovely folks at Cult Furniture, they said “Our customers are interior lovers who love a good design but can’t spend £300-400 on a single chair. We also have a talented in-house design team who work hard on designing new and new collections to add to the Cult Design brand.”


Your home can be reinvented at any time and any cost; whether you Free-Style or Re-Style my “rules” are very simple; Buy items that you love with multiple room options and continually re-evaluate your space looking for Free-Styling opportunities. So, what are you waiting for?! Update your space to give it a new lease of life without redecorating. A home is never “done” and can keep evolving with your tastes and your family, which is why it doesn’t matter whether or not you have an aesthetic “vision” for a space. The only vision you need is the mood you want to create and the things that bring you joy.


Disclaimer – a huge thank you to the team at Cult Furniture for gifting so many wonderful products. This post is not sponsored by Cult Furniture and I am under no obligation to give positive review. All products have been linked to ease your “Scroll Shopping” and there are no affiliate links within this post. I only work with Brands where I have a sincere and genuine belief in their product quality and ethos.

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