En Suite Bathroom Tour


This is certainly one of my favourite rooms in the house. I couldn’t believe my luck when we were picking our home and we found one where the master bedroom not only had an en suite, but said en suite included a bath tub! This room was always set to be my domain for pampering and relaxing, so Mr PHD graciously stepped aside…


In other rooms, selecting wallpaper has taken a lot of time and consideration. I have drawers full of wallpaper samples, which by the way I can’t manage to throw out in case I need them for an up-cycling project. For the En Suite, I only ordered one wallpaper sample in one colour way and the second I saw it, I knew it would be the central feature of the room that all other decorative choices would revolve around. As you can see, as soon as the sample arrived it became a permanent feature on the wall; in fact I don’t have a “before” shot without it in!

Well, I say that but of course we needed to choose the flooring and tiles before we’d moved in. At the time I thought I wanted an all grey “show home” look to our house, so I played it very safe with the tile choice. Not that there was loads of choice; all the wall tiles were plain. I would love to one day replace the flooring to a more funky tile as I think the amtico flooring we have in here is a little bit dull and I’ve never been quite convinced that the two greys work together very well; however there is no way I’ll be allowed to do this until we’ve had it for at least another year… For now I cover the majority of the floor with a garish shag-rug like bathmat, which I happen to love!

So back to that wallpaper… The design is by Mini Moderns, a dynamic design duo based in the London whose prints have a mid-century modern feel. They specialise in applied pattern across a range of products including wallpapers, fabrics and ceramics. Their collections are stunning and this particular pattern, Paisley Crescent, I absolutely adore. From afar it looks like a regular paisley pattern, but up close you can see a village scape with cottages, bicycles and trees; just heavenly and so cute!

Founders Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire say of the design “the print fuses the ornamentation of a traditional Indian-inspired paisley design with the ordered iconography of life in the commuter belt” While the wallpaper comes in serveral colours I instantly loved the orange colour way, such a bright, vibrant, happy colour! I also felt it was a really unusual choice for a bathroom; it really was wallpaper love at first sight!

En Suite_Wallpaper Up
The wallpaper about 15 minutes after our painter and decorator had finished the job; I couldn’t wait to start accessorising!

A lot of people are nervous about using wallpaper in their bathrooms, which makes sense; after all, steam is a removal technique for wallpaper. This can be easily solved with Decorators Varnish; one coat of this over the top of your wallpapered bathrooms et voila! A seal is created and your wallpaper will not peel!

decorators varnish
I prefer the “Dead Flat Finish” as the seal to the wallpaper so that it is undetectable on the walls


The shelves above the bath used to be in my Grandmothers room when she was little. I inherited them when I first moved to London and have repainted them several times. I love that this item has seen so many homes and generations, not to mention several different “coats.” They are perfect for our En Suite to house the endless supplies of a product junkie!

En Suite _Shelves


The artwork in the en suite is what pulls this room together, and I find building the collection quite addictive! In terms of the artwork, it has a vintage eclectic feel with a variety of investment levels; from framed postcards to limited edition prints. Here are some of my favourite pieces;

Ali Gulec

En Suite_Artwork_3

This collage image by Ali Gulec is so unusual! It is printed onto wood, which gives additional texture to the artwork. I loved the juxtaposition of the duchess image with the 1960s looking beach boy vibe. You also can never go wrong with a pineapple, and the fact it replaces her scull in this image made me think of my baby brain at the time I ordered it!

Lou Taylor

En Suite_Artwork_1

Lou Taylor is an eccentric artist who designs prints and accessories. I love the playful approach to Lou’s work and this swimmers print looks perfect in the en suite. There is also a gorgeous Lobster design that I’ve got my eye on too.. Check out her website for her quirky jewellery; you’ll be hooked!

House of Neon

En Suite_Artwork_2

Maria at House of Neon is one of my favourite artists. The fun, lighthearted approach to her prints never fail to raise a smile; I honestly could fill the whole house with them! You can read more about Maria and her company here

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches


So that’s the En Suite, what do you think? Its certainly not a room that’s afraid of colour and making a statement. The only thing I was slightly short sighted about is that the orange creates an impossible room to do your make up in, even when pressed against the window! I personally adore this room and I think that’s because we really went for it in here; that is something that’s a theme throughout the house – the rooms where we have been the most fearless, are the rooms we love the most. So be bold and be brave with your design choices! And PLEASE try wallpaper in your bathroom; a whole new world of possibilities is opened up when this restriction is lifted!




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