HOUSE TOUR: Keeley Tennant

Keeley Tennant @keeleytara is a girl after my own heart; an eclectic style and a bold, daring approach to colour choices in her home. As you look through Keeleys feed her flare for statement pieces meaningfully put together by combining both vintage and new gives her home a modern charm with soul.

Keeley T_lounge shot

Keeleys lounge, where her stunning yellow sofa (which I am VERY envious of as I wish I’d been brave enough to get a colourful sofa) takes centre stage, is clearly the heart of her home. Here, her natural understanding of colour theory is clear as she mixes statement colours with their complimentary counterparts all set off by a stunning monochrome background. Her style is fearless and individual and I just love it!

Keeley T_sideboard

In many of her rooms Keeley makes a creative nod to mid century style. She is a fellow proud owner of a statement mid century sideboard that pulls together the rich, dark woods in the room. Not forgetting of course the fabulous cameo appearances from her gorgeous pug Boris who looks super cute styled in any room! Keeley really is an advocate for the characterful new build property that doesn’t have to be a beige box; I couldn’t wait to get to know her better!

So Keeley, your home is so gorgeous and unique; it wasn’t until we started chatting through Instagram that I realised you had a new build! Its clear you we are alike in our passion of having a home full of character, so what drew you to buy a new build home?

A new build was initially off our “purchase list” when we first started looking, I have always lived in old houses and loved the character, features and charm they provided, but there was absolutely nothing that gave us the space we needed and our budget and lack of DIY skills meant a renovation wasn’t possible. So after spotting some new build in a rural location with high(ish) ceilings we decided to go for it!

Keeley T_dining room
Keeleys dining room is a feast for the eyes! The gorgeous solid wood table mixes expertly with the Eames chairs in bold yellow and subtle grey

We were the same! We only came to the new build development because we wanted to be sure we’d taken a look at all of our options. Low and behold we ended up purchasing a new build! I felt the same about renovating an old property, however in actual fact, I’ve found “doing up” a new build much more work than I anticipated! What have you found the biggest challenge with putting your own style into your new build?

Keeley T_quoteLike you, the biggest challenge has been trying to inject a magnolia canvas with a personality and stop it looking too much like a card board cut out home! It’s very hard to define our “style” I liken it to the on-going battle I have with my personal style; some days I want to be all girly, others a tomboy and others well I’m not quite sure what you would call it! The fact is I don’t have a “style” per say, so our home is being styled to suit multiple loves! Mid century modern, scandi, eclectic, colour pops all make up my own mish-mash style! I am not a fan of trends and prefer working with what makes me feel good!

Keeley T_kitchen
Keeley went for a fabulous statement kitchen; the dark blue units set against the deep wood floor look modern and unique; cannot wait to see how Keeleys kitchen develops

I totally agree Keeley; I think once you go down the road of purely following trend it becomes harder to identify what you actually love. I also feel very passionately that you don’t decorate your home for other people, so the only “trend” you need to follow in your home is your own. It took me a while to be brave enough to do that in my own home though, what advice would you give to other new build owners trying to inject personality?

I think don’t be afraid to use colour; whilst I love muted tones I think people can often play new builds too safe. Go with what you love and allow your home to express your personality and if that’s all white great, but if you love colour use it with pride!

Keeley T_bedroom
Keeley is mid renovation of her Master Bedroom. Looks like Boris likes the room just as it is!

Keeley’s Favourite Accounts

With Keeley eclectic style I was keen to understand where she takes her inspiration from. Here are some of Keeleys favourite accounts for inspiration, so if you love Keeleys style be sure to look out for these folks too!

Kerry Lockwood: “This was one of the first accounts I stumbled across. Her home and styling ooze warmth and I love the fact she mixes it up with sharing both lifestyle and interiors on her feed!

Hilary and Flo: “I was always fascinated by the beautiful spaces Shelley creates; they are vibrant, creative and have a real uniqueness about them which I love!”

The Indigo House: “I love the mid century influences in Lauras home and the way she frames her photos and builds her feed is always amazing”

Rachel Bradshaw: “Rachel is the colour pop queen! Every room in her home makes me smile”

Keeley T_bedroom 2
Keeley’s newly completed Bedroom,  beautiful mix of colours to create a serene space full of personality

Keeleys eclectic approach to styling and confidence to embrace what she loves defines her home. Having been in her home for just 4 months, we join Keeley at just the beginning of her new build renovation. Looking at pictures of her previous home you can see how Keeley will continue to inspire us with her unique style. So go give Keeley (and Boris) a follow and don’t forget to take part in her weekly hashtag #mystylesmile which she co-hosts alongside @style_ls7@loves_leeds_homes@1fiveone and


Are you a New Build Home owner working hard to build character to your house? I would love to hear from you! Please get in touch via the contact page

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