Guest Bedroom Tour

We had a guest room in our London flat. Well, I say “guest room” but the space was very multipurpose. Some days it was a walk in wardrobe, some days a laundry room, some days a den. In fact, it was least used to house an overnight guest, but the sofa bed was in there and after 15 minutes assembly; ta dah! Welcome guest!

Our Guest Room in our London Flat

Moving back to Bristol into a 4 bedroom property we knew we would be able to dedicate a room that was permanently set up and exclusively used as a bedroom for visitors. I tried to resist all urges to make the space a wannabe B&B room, not sure I fully avoided this; I was over excited about making the room super cute for guests…

Before Shot of our Guest Room

I didn’t however, want to spend a ton of cash on the space. The room therefore has inherited our old bedroom furniture; the best we could afford at the time but its that horrible cheap stuff where the flimsy bottom to the drawers pops out and the doweling only seems to be able to hold the facia of the draw on for 20 minutes at a time. It also inherited our old bed spread which I still loved, but did not go with our new bedrooms teal colour scheme. This duvet cover actually became the starting point for the décor in here and inspired a “nomadic boho” look for the room.

The Bedspread that started the “theme” for the room

From the humble starting point of a selection of rejected items, this room became quite a big project when I started planning the wall design. We were bang out of buck for more wallpaper (turns out I have very expensive tastes where wallpaper in concerned) so I set out to find a way to design my own.  I’d seen a lot of mountain style murals on Instagram, examples of which you can see below; (Photo Credits; @grahamandbrown, @sophiecsophiedo, and @zoehewettinteriors.

I wanted to recreate something similar but with an abstract feel. Using frog tape and some paint samples I was soon able to create a totally bespoke pattern. The idea behind my version of the mountain “wallpaper” was for it to look like mountains going into the distance in blush and brown tones, here’s how I got there:



  1. Don’t cheap out on masking tape, the paint will bleed and you’ll spend ages neatening it up. Frog tape is the only masking tape I would use
  2. No need for pencil markings; you can get good quality masking tape to go on straight. Pencil lines are more trouble than they are worth because you will need to rub them all out afterwards
  3. End each mountain on a triangular tip; this will create the illusion of depth
  4. Know when to stop; don’t feel like you have to cover the whole room in the pattern; I’m a self confessed maximalist so I do struggle with this one myself! in our room I demonstrated restraint in areas that meant I didn’t need to move big pieces of furniture!
  5. Peeling the masking tape; enjoy it! Literally the most satisfying thing ever! don’t worry if the base paint lifts in some areas; there shouldn’t be much if you’ve used good quality masking tape so wont take long to patch up
The Finished Effect

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

So there’s our guest bedroom! The whole makeover cost around £100, which I consider to be a bargain. There are still small projects I would like to undergo in here. I think the furniture would be given a new lease of life if painted black and we replaced the handles; all in good time though and its always good to have a project in the pipeline!



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