HOW TO: Light a Room

When we moved into our London our flat it was lit exclusively by spotlights. I hated them. It made the living area feel surgical, it was a horrific shock when switched on in the bedroom first thing in the morning, and the light bulbs cost a fortune. It was soulless, it was cold, it was expensive and more importantly it was not practical. The lighting situation did however teach me a lot about the importance of using light sources to create a mood or effect in a room and I have really exploded this learning in our current home.

iconic lights image.jpg
Gorgeous lamp for warm tone lighting from Iconic Lights

For this how to, I will take you through the considerations you should ask yourself when lighting a room so that you can make decisions that are not only practical but also set the right tone for the space.

What is the Room Function and Mood?

Lighting will completely change the mood of a room so when considering what lighting choices you need to make, you really need to establish what you use the room for and what feel you want to create. It may be that the function of the room changes throughout the day, in which case you may need to have several different light sources.


Once you’ve established the above requirements you can start to think about more details behind the position and function, colour and strength and lastly variety. Below are some examples in each of the categories from our home of how we have implemented these lighting basics.

Creating Mood Consideration 1: Position For Function

So first up thinking about where you put your light in order to perform the function you need from it; this may sound obvious but so often we are absent minded about position of our lamps and go with the positioning of the plug. For the savvy amongst you, fitting additional plugs is an option to make positioning more appropriate. For the money and time savers like me, running an extension cord behind furniture is much easier!



Creating Mood Consideration 2: Colour and Strength 

With the colour this refers to both the colour of the light bulb and the colour of the lampshade; both will have an impact on the mood of the room



Once you have settled on your light bulb choice you can consider the lampshade effect. Below are two different examples in our “Snug Room.”  A reminder of the lighting requirements;

Lighting Guide_snug only

The floor lamp I chose for this room is from Iconic Lights; an online retailer with phenomenal choice of lighting at a spectacularly reasonable price. It has a solid marble base and adjustable height. It came with a brown velvet shade, but I wanted to try some different options to see how it would impact the mood I wanted for the room;



On balance, the second option created the best mood for how we use the room as the lighting became less bright and therefore softer for watching movies and Love Island marathons!

Here are some other spaces where the choice of light colour and strength has had a big impact;



Creating Mood Consideration 3: Variety

Don’t be afraid to have too many light sources in one room; you don’t need them all on at the same time! Nowhere in our home is this more true than our lounge; we have 6 different options, which adds up to numerous combinations depending on how we are using the room in any given moment.

But of course, huge variety in lighting comes with a price tag! I’ve been lucky enough to recently collaborate with Iconic Lights, a favourite amongst Instagrammers and Bloggers, and I have been so impressed with their product selection, high quality and great price; they certainly deliver on their mission to provide exceptional choice at an exceptional price. From classic and contemporary styles to lighting essentials and statement pieces, Iconic Lights offer a huge range of designs that are not only on trend, but exceptionally well-made. I have been blown away by the quality you can get from them at such low prices. You can shop their range here.


kitchen lamp
Lamp Stand in our Kitchen, also from Iconic Lights


The title of this post might be misleading; I can offer no advice on how to light a room with a dazzling personality or Hollywood smile. When it comes to lighting a room with a bulb however, I am obsessive! I’m not a fan of rules, I am a fan of understanding options and making the right choice for you. So hopefully you feel more informed and therefore more empowered to avoid the mistakes I have made in the past and have a home where lighting plays a key feature to reflect the desired feel of each room.


Disclaimer – a huge thank you to the team at Iconic Lights for gifting so many wonderful products. This post is not sponsored by Iconic Lights and I am under no obligation to give positive review. There are no affiliate links within this post and I receive no commission. I only work with Brands where I have a sincere and genuine belief in their product quality and ethos. All opinions are my own.

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