HOW TO: Organise Your Cupboards

Let me preface this by saying I am no expert in having flawlessly organised cupboards and drawers. Like everyone, I have at least one “crap drawer” and a very large “Monica cupboard.” I also cant claim to live like this permanently; whether I can maintain this level of anal organisation remains to be seen!

I have however been inspired by some organisational accounts and blogs like This Girl Can Organise; a veritable feast of enviable organisation that is just so satisfying to behold! I knew I wouldn’t be able to go quite as far as some of their examples; I don’t have matching towels and I tend to bulk buy loo roll too much to have them artfully arranged. So I wanted to find a way to be as organised but with perhaps a more realistic approach for my own (and the other inhabitants of the house) limits! Lets see how sustainable this all is once Baby PHD arrives..!

this girl can organise
Picture Credit: This Girl Can Organise –  a drool worthy airing cupboard!


I have never considered myself to be a particularly Type A person, but I think I am beginning to accept my tendencies;  Type A people being described as competitive, highly organized, ambitious, impatient, highly aware of time management… I wish I could be less neurotic, but I think I need to learn to accept who I am and these personality traits have only be exaggerated through pregnancy!  I mean, combine Type A tendencies with a nesting woman and a label maker and its only going to go one way…!


So my first week of maternity leave was spent on a rampage of organisation; I rearranged the airing cupboard, cleaning cupboard, kitchen cupboards, tupperwear (bliss, because that cupboard always looks like a dump) and built a pantry. So if you’re a Type A person in denial and, like me, working quite hard on trying to be a “chill” and “go with the flow” kinda gal, you should like this approach; I consider it to achieve desired organisation levels without being totally neurotic. If you’re Type B, firstly you may not have read this far or even opened the link, and secondly you definitely wont agree that my organisation is “more casual” because is there really such thing?? Whoever you are enjoy a little snoop round my cupboards, maybe it might even inspire you to de-clutter and reorganise!


Airing Cupboard

Airing Cupboard2

Airing Cupboard

Kitchen Cupboard

Kitchen Cupboards_final

Cleaning Cupboard




Tupperwear Cupboard




Pantry / Larder



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