Bathroom Tour

Call me cliché, but I knew I wanted a fishy “theme” in our family bathroom. Surprisingly basic, I know, but such fun for a bathroom we knew we would be bathing our children in for years to come. Of course, we had to make the choice on our “non changeables” months prior to actually starting to decorate. We chose flooring and tiles 3 months before moving in and 9 months prior to decorating.

Bathroom Before
Bathroom Before: This was taken on our House Tour day about a month before we moved in

As with the en suite, our choice of tiles was limited with nothing very exciting or exotic. I plumped for this neutral option to maximise my choice for wallpaper to put with it. Flooring wise this was a happy surprise. I wanted something safe and non offensive or intrusive so went for the wood effect Amtico. It turned out to be one of my favourite choices and looked so much better on mass that I expected. I still wish I’d got the same flooring in our en suite (but I have to get over the flooring in there!!)

Once our 6 month wait was up and we could wallpaper, I was torn between two patterns. One from Harlequin and one from Albany;

We settled on this pattern from Harlequin because of the depth of colour; its hard to see in the images online and the photographs of the wallpaper but the finish is exceptionally matte and there is a slight sheen to the fish. The pattern size is also a lot larger than the Albany “Lagoon” print, which I felt would make the space feel less manic. We decided on the Amber / Slate colour way and purchased through Wallpaper Direct; I tend to find that they have the best offers on and are very reliable in delivery.

wallpaper options

Doorway View

A lot of people are nervous about using wallpaper in their bathrooms, which makes sense; after all, steam is a removal technique for wallpaper. This can be easily solved with Decorators Varnish; one coat of this over the top of your wallpapered bathrooms et voila! A seal is created and your wallpaper will not peel!

decorators varnish
This is the Decorators Varnish I like to use; dead flat matte means it completely disappears!

Because the pattern in the wallpaper is so big, we ended up not putting too much artwork on the walls, which I actually really like- the wallpaper can speak for itself in here! That being said, there are still plenty of finishing touches in here that pull the room together.

finishing touches 1

finishing touches 2_

All in we are thrilled with whole the bathroom looks and functions; we have ample storage without compromising on style. The wallpaper makes the bathroom, so while it was not cheap, it was a worthwhile investment to inject personality and individuality.



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