Welcome to Project Home Design!

We moved into our David Wilson Home in December 2016 and have been on a mission to add character to our new build ever since. This is something I personally found a real challenge; its amazing how difficult it can be when you’re starting with a total blank canvas.

I started my instagram page in August 2017 as a way to chronicle the decorating we were doing around the house and also to help me find some inspiration of how to create a unique interior.

This blog is an extension of the instagram page; a space where I can share more details of how I have approached decorating our home, collaborate with other New Build Home owners, and share research and reviews of interior brands.

So thank you for joining me in this space! Its my belief that a home is never done and forever evolving with the family that lives there, so whether you’re a new build home owner or just a fan of unique interiors I hope you enjoy the journey with me. For an extended introduction please read “Putting Character Into a New Build


Here’s to characterful, unique interiors!



A few disclaimers…

Brand Collaborations: Some posts may be created in partnership with a Brand; this will be stated in all cases. If you are an interior brand and would like to collaborate, please follow the contact link to chat about how we can work together

Account and Blog Partnerships: I love meeting other instagrammers and bloggers! Where images are used on posts that are made in partnership with other bloggers, these images have been used with full consent. If you are interested in collaborating for a blog post, either on this site or your own, please follow the contact link and drop me an email