New Build Home Tours


Instagram is such a fantastic platform for inspiration. As a new build owner myself, I have found it challenging to find inspiration on instagram from other new build home owners who focused on expressing their individuality.

Of course, I am not knocking other accounts that have a minimalist, neutral look; its just not the direction I wanted to take my home.

So I have been working with other new build instagrammers to bring you the best of the best accounts out there to inspire you in putting character into your new build!

Beth ShehataIMG_0778

Take a look at the interview with Beth if you like dark, moody interiors contrasted with bright accents and texture. Also take a look at this blog if you like GIN! Beth has the most enviable Gin Bar on instagram!


Nichola Borrettnichola_lounge spring

Nichola’s home is full of beautifully co-ordinated personality with individual touches the ooze sophistication. Her fabulous living room is restyled each season to work with the pallet of the time of year; such a unique idea to keep her home evolving throughout the year


Bethany JadeBeth_details 3

Explore Beth’s flawless and characterful home which combines a consistent pallet with individual touches and tasteful statements. Her gorgeous kitchen is a great example of how you can personalise your new build and avoid that “show home” effect!


Sam DukesSam Dukes_living room

Take a look around Sams new build where she has added her own twist with her beautifully curated art collection. Sam has the most incredible flooring I have seen in a new build as well as having added great traditional touches like her log burner


Sandra IngemansenSandra_chair 2

Meet the hilarious and vibrant Sandra and her chic eclectic home full of treasures from her travels around the world.


Keeley TennantKeeley T_lounge shot

Take a look through the mid century modern home of Keeley and her pug Boris! Keeley uses bold colours expertly and her home is full of modern touches teamed with vintage finds


Laura Savagesofa shot

Laura’s home and her signature Palm Tree paper is a sight to behold. Her house has so many examples of how to add unique touches to your new build add move away from the standard new build look