Room Tours


Welcome to Our Home! Read on and click away for a detailed synopsis room by room with details of paint choice, furniture, flooring, artwork and finishing touches.

The Office

IMG_9350One of my favourite rooms in the house and where I spend every Monday chained to my inbox.

This room is full of bargain artwork and nods to my other great passion in life; Walt Disney World!

I went for a very rich, dark teal in this room. Find out more about by clicking the link


The Dining Room

IMG_0137My first ever Dining Room, which held a lot of pressure for bringing together my vision of “quality family time.”

This room has the most beautiful statement table which was built to our specifications; find out more about the independent company we used

I also discuss lighting and how I changed the paint colour and artificial lightings to suit the ever changing light conditions of a south facing room


The Hallway

HALLWAY_wallpaperThe Hallway was redecorated twice within 6 months while I settled on how much character I wanted to bombard people with when they enter our home

In this post I share my Ikea Hack to create a customised shoe rack and how I landed on our Cole and Son Wallpaper